Need (uncliamed) sold properties to be added to my agent profile on Zillow

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    Dec 16, 2015
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    I'm a realtor and on any Zillow agent profile, it will show your reviews and the properties you sold.
    Obviously the more positive reviews you have the better chance you have of getting leads. However if you have a load of positive reviews but no properties sold it's going to be apparent that those reviews are fake.

    I need someone that can find properties that I can claim I sold (or represented the buyer) and add them to my Zillow account. Properties are being bought and sold everyday in America. A lot of those properties are not being claimed on Zillow. The person that takes this gig has to be familiar with how Zillow works and know how to access the sales of houses from public record. The less recent the sale the better, because if it hasn't been claimed by now the chances are it's not going to be.

    PM me for information. Please no time wasters. You need to understand exactly how realtors claim their sales on Zillow and research the verification methods by Zillow used if any to confirm these claims.