Need Twitter Favorite / Retweet bot.... but with a twist

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    This question could probably go in the hire someone forum, but it's Social Media and it fits here as well and I'm pretty sure this forum gets more traffic than that one.

    Need a twitter bot where I enter someone's username and it favorites their tweets... But only a certain number of tweets. Like for example if I put in the bot "25" it only favorites their last 25 tweets. It does not need proxy support, because I only need to use it on on one name. I would also like it if possible to switch to another name after it favorites those 25 to another username and favorites the most recent 25 from that user... or if you could make the number customizable.

    So I think you get the gist of what I'm looking for. Don't reply with "I think this <insert bot here>" does what you need. If you don't know don't reply and don't suggest.

    Once again it goes something like this...

    1. Login to twitter with my username/password...
    2. Pick either Retweet or Favorite
    3. Enter username of who I want the bot to Retweet or Favorite
    4. Enter number of tweets from that user that I want RTed or favored. Since Twitter API is 1000 a day.. Number should be 1-1000. (If less fine)
    3a. If could make it where you enter a bunch of usernames to go from one name to the next.
    3b. If could make it where you enter different amounts of Retweets or Favorites. (Ex. 25 for name 1... 40 for name 2.... 14 for name 3... etc)
    5. Hit run bot and it does what it's supposed to do.
    5a. I guess time delays would be helpful between Retweets or Favorites, but not really necessary.

    Shock me and tell me the bot already exists or if you can make it PM me. A bot like this will mostly be in high needs and bring you $$$. The Twitter API has a limit of 1000 favorites a day so you should take that into consideration as well.
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