Need tools to help generate/modify/combine keyword lists for PPC

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    I have had so-so success with microsoft adcenter (but horrible results with adwords using same keywords), and have decided to completely revamp my entire adcenter account... new keywords, ads, better structured campaigns, etc. I have been using market samurai to generate keywords, which works pretty well for this. However, its VERY time consuming, partially because MS is so damn slow, and because you have to sift through hundreds of keywords at a time filtering out the ones that don't apply to my site.

    Now I have several text files of keyword lists generated for each landing page that I am promoting. I then combine the keyword lists for each landing page into one master list that will be used for that specific LP. To filter out duplicates in the newly created master list, which will surely contain lots of dups due to the way market samurai generates the keywords, I used a tool I found here:

    So now I have a master list of KWs for each LP with as many KWs as I can get MS to generate. However, I also want to add specific cities, counties, and states to my keyword lists. This could be done in some instances with the find/replace function of notepad, but not in this case. Here's why:


    Lets say I have the following list of keywords:

    find widgets
    search widgets
    lookup widgets
    widgets lookup
    widget search

    I have a list of every state and every county in the US, and I want to create additional keywords from this list that include every state and every county in the US for each keyword in my list. So, for example, this list would start to look like this:

    alaska widgets
    alabama widgets
    arkansas widgets

    Abbeville County widgets
    Acadia Parish widgets
    Accomack County widgets

    alaska find widgets
    alabama find widgets
    arkansas find widgets

    Abbeville County find widgets
    Acadia Parish find widgets
    Accomack County find widgets

    So you can see that each one keyword would have an additional 50 keywords generated just from the states and approx. 1900 keywords created from each US county. As you can see, the replace function of notepad will not work here, because it would simply take too long to go through each keyword.

    I'm sure there are limits to how many keywords I can use, at least for each campaign, but for now let's focus on finding a tool that can do the job. I am looking for a tool that can take a list of keywords and take another list of words I choose(the states and counties), and add the states and counties to each keyword in the list. It should be able to BATCH PLACE the states/counties at the beginning or end of the original keyword, NOT REPLACE.

    Hopefully this makes sense and you can see why replace will not work here. Any suggestion on how I can do what I am looking to do?