Need to search Twitter bios, download results

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by ronald_ruck, Dec 27, 2016.

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    May 24, 2013
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    Hey all. I used to use Moz/Followerwonk, which would allow me to search bios for keywords and download results to Excel sheets. Max results used to be 250,000. Now it's 5,000. So obviously that's no good. Moz/Followerwonk was a bit pricey but I didn't mind since it was fast, and I didn't have to fiddle around with proxies.

    Can anyone recommend a similar service? I'm reading that Twitter recently decided to cut down the number of third-party companies selling their data, which I'm assuming is what happened to Moz/Followerwonk. Has anyone used Gnip? Are there any others out there?

    And if not, can anyone recommend a program that can get the job done? Was lookiing into something called twtdominator, but their representatives seem reeeeeeally fishy.