Need to saturate serp on my name, email, pseudos ... E-reputation protection

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by olimix, Jan 2, 2013.

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    11h11 brothers

    I have a problem in the company i work for .

    I'm currently SEO manager and the last SEO manager was a hard blackhat .

    The problem is that i found that this guy keep using our professional network to put his link for his own websites ...

    We dealed with him with my boss but the problem is now i think that he is looking for my personnal network and websites to NSEO it.

    I have many protected whois but you can still find my whole network with patience and search on my name , pseudos or email .

    Can you recommend me a service to blast many many pages to downgrade important informations about me in the serp ?

    I think i'm going to start with some AMR service , maybe Xrummer ... some ideas ?

    pm if you can sell me good service for what i want to do , thanks