Need to re-index pages the FASTEST way possibile

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    Help! I need Google's spider to re-spider and re-index some of my sites labeled with the infamous "This site may be compromised" (having ascertained that when the spider completely reindex a clean site the label is automatically removed).

    To speed up things, till now I did this:

    1) Used GWT (reconsideration request, submitted xml sitemap, fetch as googlebot + sent urls)
    2) Pinged all the sites to be reindexed (the homepage via pingler + all the single pages via pingdevice)
    3) Put some links to the homepage and internal pages of the sites to be reindexed in high pr blogs + pinged them
    4) Used links2rss to convert the pages to be reindexed in feeds and submitted them to feed directories
    5) submitted the pages to be reindexed to linklicious and similar sites

    Despite all these things (and the fact the number of pages to be reindexed is not that large...), the spider is still too slow.

    What else can I do? Any suggestions?