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    Hi Guys,

    To start if you don't agree with my product please don't comment. I am asking this question in the Black Hat section for a reason.

    So i made a new kind of software that can help me with my project and i need to spread it. You can see it as a virus but with no harm. Yes it will do some work for me but it won't touch anything in your "personal space" and won't f* up your computer "for the lulz" or anything. This software will purely help me processing information wherefore i could use a lot of CPU power. So i need a lot of people to actually run my software. Since i can't give out any reward for it or whatsoever i guess asking people nicely to run it for me is out of the question.

    My question is: how do i get people to install my software? Is there any ways you can buy installs? I guess if it is possible to buy installs it's a little too deep in the web to simply search it.

    I guess there will be people with a botnet selling software installs?

    If any one can help me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.
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    You're talking about infecting people with malware.
    Whether you "touch anything in personal space" or not (the fuck does that even mean) doesn't matter.

    Generally, this is not the forum for that kind of shit.
    However, there are plenty of adware sellers that likely will include your software in their bundle low cost per install.