Need To Get This Settled - The Right Way To Buy & Use Youtube PVA Accounts

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by SpiderBlast, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I have used far too many accounts on my own IP over the last 3 months.
    I've done about 11, and only 2 are phone verified but I can't work like this anymore cause I'm afraid
    to register more accounts. Plus I have more videos I need to upload and need to get this figured out.

    This is what I've done so far and I'd really appreciate some feedback.

    I bought only 5 private proxies as a test from buyproxies.

    But this is what confuses me... they had no proxies from my state. So I had to select proxies from a
    state right next to the state I'm from.

    My first question is, do the proxies need to be 100% local? Like from my state?
    Or will these proxies work for making a few more YT accounts?

    My second question is this. Say 2 months from now I have to get back into one
    of those accounts... to optimize my video or something. Do I have to hold on to
    the same proxy and record it to I'm always using the same proxy on the same account?

    My third question. Sims cards. I really need to start phone verifying ALL my accounts
    cause I need to use custom thumbnails on my videos. I have a vague idea what sim
    cards are. Do I have to buy these from radio shack or something? Do I buy them online?

    How are the sim cards used? (I don't need a full explanation).

    My final question. I bought 33 YT PVAs off fiver like 2 months ago. But I never used them
    to upload videos cause I don't trust them. I don't like the fact that someone else made them
    and Im not sure if they are secure. But if I change the passwords on those accounts, will they
    be secure to use? Can the seller who I bought the accounts from, use the number he used
    to verify the accounts, to break into the accounts and change the password?

    I've never been sure about how safe YT PVAs are when you buy them from someone else.


    But I have some new HQ videos I have to get up and need to figure this out.

    Any advice you guys have I'd really appreciate.

    Thanks! - SB
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    My first questioe Yes you can use the same proxies.But using much will blacklist that IP.

    My second questio-No.You dont need that same proxy.You can use your own Ip for loging in.Yes you need to login again after 1-2 months gap so that youtube thinks that the account is active.

    My third question.-Sims are mobile number cards.When you create account,youtube asks phone verification in which they send a verification code on your mobile number.You have to enter that code and your account will be activated.
    You can buy SIMS from a vendor who sells them.

    My final question-
    Yes that guy can used same number to recover the pass.
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    What does PV.A mean? Do you wanyto bu.y 10 YouTube accounts Phone verified and with a picture of a real person?