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Need to Gauge Interest for Mailing Solutions

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by kingmob, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. kingmob

    kingmob BANNED BANNED

    Jul 18, 2008
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    I'm thinking of bringing a few services to BHW, would like to get some input on what's more wanted/needed/useful. Option A) B) C) D)ALL or a combo of your choice

    I have a few partners that can offer BHW mass email services.

    We are talking 1million to 10mil+ at very reasonable prices. Inboxing at close to70-80% on their lists(yours most likely 30-50%). Mailing Lists are verified on daily basis, and 75-80% valid at all times. You can provide your own lists, but cannot guarantee the same validity obviously, that's up to you, and inboxing will vary depending on the list presented. Prices will be cheaper than anything offered at BHW, for every million under $300 and down depending on volume. If anyone is interested in a test for a reduced price,let me know.


    Thinking of bringing a great professional email account creator that will create accounts at lighting fast speeds across most big platforms or can be configured separately for most mailing platforms and sold so. This application is proffesional, tried and tested over time and fully supports capcha services(offering cheaper capcha service of $.9 for 1k). WE are talking major speed here, like thousands of accounts in hours time, think 5000-10000 depending on platform+socks used. It will support all forms of proxies. (test numbers can be provided).
    Updated regularly by experienced programming team.


    Cheap valid Rapidshare, depositfile, skype with credits, letitbit and other requested filesharing accounts for yearly/monthlies. Talking about significant reduction.

    D) ALL

    Thanks for the input.
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