Need to beef up my classifieds site and hopefully start making a little cash..Any advice?

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    Jun 23, 2012
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    Well, when I got back into the online biz realm I started out with a classifieds website targeted to my state, Ohio.
    Since then I took up several other projects and kind of left the classifieds site sitting...

    Before I took up these other projects though I did some promoting here and there for the site and had about 20-40 hits per day. I was posting in the biggest cities of Ohio on CL pushing my site to pawn shop owners, car dealers, and to the people trying to sell their electronics and furniture..only problem was all my ads started getting Ghosted and I lost a lot of motivation. I also was posting signs up in my town but I don't really know how that effected my traffic. Now the site only gets like 2-10 hits per day sporadically.

    I am in the process of getting the site to post published ads to the facebook page/app I made for the site. There are a whole 9 people that have liked the page so far and that was while the site was poo poo...So I know that if I can get the site looking legit, since there are already ads on it, I should be able to entice at least a few of my 300 facebook friends to register and start using it for their classified needs. There is a facebook login plugin that I am using to make it a simple process for them..
    I also have a twitter account set up for the site (#OhioListIt) so that new listings can be posted to there.

    I need to build links and all that jazz as well and try to rank for some keywords on the Google..

    So basically I just ran through and told myself everything I need to do to get this site going at least a little stronger, but I am hoping that some of you genius marketers would be able to give me some more advice towards making my site great.

    I don't really have much of a budget at all right now, actually I'm flat broke. So you can see my predicament and the reason for my desire to get this site going good lol