Need suggestions on advertisement money making on site (specific design).

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    Hello BHW:ers,
    first visit here!

    Some info about the project before heading to my advertisement question:
    While working on further expansion my head is already running through revenue options.
    The site has a quite distinct layout and one idea is to replace an item box with an ad, rinse and repeat as the user is scrolling for more content.
    I've had adblock for as long as I can remember, and personally hate "in-your-face" marketing.
    But this might be a viable option as long as it's not mistaken as just another item.

    Need some feedback on this freeflow idea. The goal is to please both the user and still make a passive income on the side.

    PS. I searched for a subforum dedicated to "own projects", but alas found none. So if there's any confusion from my side - please move the thread!

    Thank you!