Need suggestions on 3 twitter accounts totalling 37000 followers

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    Hey everyone, need help on what to do with three twitter accounts that total 37000 followers spread across all three. They are around a year old and ive kept them up to look personal so as to keep the followers active, but I got really heavy in the face book game and don't have the time to keep these accounts up and responsive, due to their size they have to be watched pretty close.

    What are some fun ways you guys can think of to use these, i thought about selling them but from what ive seen there doesn't look to be a market. So I was thinking about changing the user names to something funny and starting to just randomly send out strange awkward tweets lol. in the meantime, if you guys have some stuff you'd like to have tweeted out PM me , I'll tweet them for free for all you awesome BHW kids, because without you I wouldn't have got all these lol. Just need to stay under the twitter link spam policy.

    just checked and the username hootymcboob is already taken =(
    im taking name suggestions too .
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