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Need suggestions about my plan

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by johnwoo, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. johnwoo

    johnwoo Power Member

    Dec 26, 2010
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    So guys, getting back into IM now
    Had plenty of success in past, then quit it. Gave plenty of time to my hobby ( Photography )
    so here i am
    the plan is simple
    right now i have a team of 3 people
    Gonna make a news website. thinking of creating 3/5 websites but gonna start with one
    Me along with my team is gonna create content.
    As SEO is changed alot since i'm out. around 3 years.
    but one thing i truly believe , still, the content is the king right
    me along with my team is gonna create hell lot of content.
    we are going to copy the news off course, shuffle the words . n share it on our WordPress supported news site.
    we will also make a FB page. a twitter account. n work to bring some followers/likes
    will use Fiverr to create some quality back-links plus will do manual back-links as well.
    Gonna use adsense, if it all works out, will hire more people and outsource more n more.

    So , how's it. What you guys think, any flaws ? Suggestions ?
  2. GreyKnight

    GreyKnight Regular Member

    Mar 19, 2013
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    First thing is content. Take really good care that your copied content pass Copyscape check. Nowadays Google really wanted to penalize sites that have duplicate content. I got a news site 2 years ago, got PR 4, good traffic every day. But my site is using syndicated content (I pay other news site, that I may use his content). I also change here and there. Without warning, instant punishment. I lost a lot of business contacts, got tarnished reputation also. Be careful there. A good news site with quality content have a chance to be syndicated in Google News, which is a really great benefit for your SEO and your business.

    Take care also in using Fiverr. Some of them give quality, some of them give tons of crappy links.

    Also, expect that the real news site will always outrank you, usually the smaller one have PA/DA of around 50, and the bigger ones are around 70, tough to beat.