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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by kecoaksaru, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Guys, I want to start a shop, at amazon and ebay, it's a lady clothes shop.
    I will promote my stuff (ahem.. spam :D but politely) to many website, I'll do some blackhat method, can you suggest where I can pormote my stuff?
    Or what keyword should I search on google so I can find many website to sell my stuff on amazon and ebay?

    I have a lot of customer from my country (Indonesia) from facebook fans pages with 45k fans.. but I want to sell them to other country so I can sell it with higher price.

    And maybe do you have more suggestion for me, I appreciate any idea.
    Thank you
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    nice you made the hardest part - got a neat product & you idly bhw .. now play your cards right :D

    Get in touch with big ebay sellers and offer them good overpricing - do brand your stuff so people keep searching for you if they like the product in google, ebay and find you , make ebay amazon store but make ur brand also - some neat site with chicks that get free cloth for picture or whatever you decide.. socialise it.
    Get in touch with first pages in google sellers who sell no branded stuff from dropshippers - offer them brand :) Or the ones that sell replicas - talk to them for get them in clean business ;)
    Setup a site for your clothes with affiliates - maybe many spammers, white hat guys may like it and join ... some facebook applications and games to socialise your clothes in california not indonesia :D
    cheers just a morning shooting get in touch if you need ideas help :D
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