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    Hello All,

    I need a spin ready article that when spun will be 450-500 words. I need it to be be very readable with every spin. Each sentence should be rewritten a few times.

    So, the above paragraph might look something like this:

    {Hi|Hello|Howdy} {Every{one|body}|All}{:|,|-}

    {{You've|Have you|You have|Perhaps you've|Perhaps you have} {heard of|been told about|read about|read of|learned of} {spin-ready|Spin Ready|spin ready|Spin-Ready} {articles|news articles|tutorial articles|debt articles}? {Well, | }{I|We} {need|require|want} {one|1|a single article} {that's|that is} going to spin{ | out} to {about|around|approximately|nearly} {475|470|480}{ | or so }words|{Write|Compose for} {me|us} a {475|470|480} word {S|s}pin{ |-}ready article, {por favor|please}.|{Can|Will} you spin {me|us} an article {that's|that is|to be} {about|around|approximately} {450|440|460} {to|-} {500|490|495} words?|{I|We} {need|require|want} a {S|s}pin{ |-}ready article that {when|after {it's|it is}} {spun|finished spinning|finished being spun} {will|might} be{ about | around | approximately | nearly | }{450|440|460} {to|-} {500|490|495} words.} {{Each|Every} spin {has|needs} to {make sense|read properly|be correct|sound right}.|{It|The spins|The spun article} {can't|cannot|musn't|must not} {spit|spew}{ | out }{junk|crap|drivel|garbage}.|{I|We} {need|require|want} {it|the articles|the spins|the spun articles} to be{ very | | nicely }{readable|decipherable|clear|clean} with {every|every last|each} spin.} {{Sentences}{ | really }{should|need to} be {rewritten|written} {a few|a couple of|about 3} times {each|for each one|apiece|a piece}.|The sentences {cannot|can't|can not|should not|shouldn't} have {just|only|simply} {one|1|a single} {version|variation|variant}.|{Each|Every} sentence {should|must|needs to be} be {rewritten|written} {a few|a couple of|about 3}{ | different }{ways.|times.}} {{And|Plus|In addition}, {you'll|you will} {have|need} to {swap|change|trade}{ | out }{some|a few} words in {each|every} sentence.|{Changing|Varying|Switching|Shifting} {some|a few} words around in {each|every} sentence is {mandatory|required|a must}|{Some|A few} of the words in {each|every} sentence {will need|is required|is mandatory} to be spun {as well|likewise|too|also}.}}

    and would produce the following examples after spinning:

    Howdy Everyone:

    Can you spin us an article that's approximately 460 - 500 words? The spun article can't spit junk. Sentences should be written a few times each. Plus, you'll need to swap a few words in every sentence.

    Hi Everyone,

    We want a spin-ready article that after it's finished spinning will be around 460 - 490 words. The spun article can't spew crap. Sentences really should be rewritten about 3 times apiece. A few of the words in each sentence is required to be spun also.

    Hi All,

    Will you spin us an article to be about 450 to 495 words? Each spin needs to sound right. The sentences should not have just a single version. Plus, you'll need to change some words in each sentence.

    Hello Everybody-

    Will you spin us an article to be about 440 - 495 words? Each spin has to read properly. Sentences really need to be written about 3 times a piece. And, you'll need to trade a few words in every sentence.

    Hello Everyone,

    We need a spin-ready article that after it is finished being spun might be around 460 to 495 words. Every spin needs to read properly. The sentences can't have only a single variation. Varying some words around in each sentence is mandatory

    You will be given a topic to write on and will spin the same article.

    If you are interested, please let me know your price and time-frame for completing each article.

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    Just reading it, I get dizzy - I can't imagine writing it...
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    Can do the nested spins at $25/per, or just simple 1 article with 4 rewrites at $20/per.
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    whats your niche ?? I have a few siting around I haven't used...