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Need someone who uses GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder and works hourly

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by seoaroundtheworld, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. seoaroundtheworld

    seoaroundtheworld Registered Member

    Feb 4, 2011
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    Consultant/Private Contractor
    San Diego, CA
    This is the website that needs to be redeveloped, and I'm paying $5 per hour.

    nextlevelprofiles dot com

    This is the color scheme I want for the website above.

    kohlskicking dot com/player-profiles

    I want the "Profile" tab to link to look something like this:

    kohlskicking dot com/player-profiles/david-sebuke/19509

    For this, it does not need to be an actual .HTML working design, only an example i.e. could be compiled on photoshop or dreamweaver and re-inserted as a static page.

    And lastly I want a "Purchase" tab added to the menu bar after the "Profile" tab. It needs to have the three different services (Standard, Advance, Video Taping Services) as menu buttons or a text button or whatever, linking to three different pages with population text fields:

    1. Name of Athlete; Height; Weight

    2. School

    3. High School Graduation Date

    4. Awards & Honors

    5. Camps Attended

    6. Images *insert "upload image button" with thumnails for each one* and add a "+" symbol or something each time an image is uploaded for them to click, or whatever is easiest, so they can keep uploading images.

    7. Same thing as #6, except as "Videos"

    8. E-mail

    9. Phone #

    Each one of those three pages: Standard, Advance, Video Taping Services and has the fields above.

    Should look as professional as the rest, maybe having some various features to fill up the page, and I can add content later, just don't let it be a boring looking application like the "Contact" section is.

    So, basically, I'd like the whole website redesigned to look more like kohlskicking dot com, the color scheme at least. It should not take very long, and I know you cannot hard code all the features into GoDaddy's shitty webdesigner, but do what you can to make it look nice. I am giving you free reign to do anything that will improve the quality of the site, anything.

    I know I am not really giving much detail, but use the existing content to make everything look symmetrical, more detailed, and featured with buttons, shiny things, or whatever dynamic settings there are. I don't need it to be ultra-professional and tedious, just something that looks good without taking too long, because I know you cannot do much within the CMS of GoDaddy.

    So, let me know if you can do this now, and if you could record yourself doing this on Fraps dot com or a software like it, that'd be great so I can learn a bit more about GoDaddy, and/or would require you to let me watch remotely through skype or teamviewer or a program of your choosing.

    Thanks, i know there are limitations, so I'm asking to do the best in a confined environment.

    Meaning, the uploading aspect may need to be done as embedded code or not at all, some things I don't expect to be done in GoDaddy's platform, I understand this.

    And store functionalities may not be possibly, maybe as an embedded credit card information field after they click on a button or something, but if you can think of a work around or something where they can click and a CC text field pops up, that would be great, something embedded or pre-existing from another plug-in somewhere.
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  2. spartons

    spartons Junior Member

    Jan 9, 2013
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    Hi, I am interested to do this work. Providing freelance development service since 2006. if you permit will send our portfolio via PM.


    Team spartons