Need someone who can send bulk SMS to UK

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    Oct 10, 2014
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    Hello BHW,

    I'm essentially looking for a partner. I hear there are a lot of people in the USA capable of sending bulk SMS with international sims so if you're one of those people take a look at this opportunity.

    So here is a bit more information:
    -I already have an opted in UK mobile number list, some with names, some with only mobile numbers. I receive these weekly and also have a lot saved up.
    -I already have the offer set up, just need someone to drive my SMS traffic to it.
    -Your earnings will be a % of what is earned from the offer i'm running.
    -You will be given access to analytics and to the portal which shows earnings.
    -Weekly payments.

    Reasons why this could be good for you:
    -If you don't live in the UK and you are a bulk SMS marketer then you can carry on with whatever offers you send in the day then carry on with this at night earning 24 hrs a day. (depending on where you are located)
    -I supply the data etc. - all you have to do is send.

    I want to start as soon as possible so please do get in touch, More information can be given to those of you who are actually interested in this.
    If this is something you can do then lets talk business.
    add me on skype: AffiliateThis