Need someone to receive my Clickbank&Commision Junction Cheques using your SSN.You take20%

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I have some pending money and I am about to make some money using Click bank.
    Need someone to receive my money for me as check using your tax ID or SSN.
    The problem is I dont have one and currently I am stuck in this bullshit country.
    I am from San Francisco bay area.
    Anyone wants to meet up and take my 20% share of money every month for absolutely doing nothing reply or PM me.
    What you need to do is send my money to my home country as western union or money transfer 80% and you take my 20% free of cost.
    The problem is I dont have an SSN or a Tax ID and I am stuck at this bullshit country for some reasons.
    This is not a joke.
    Any body from other states can also help me.