Need someone to rank my LOCAL page in Germany

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    Hey there,i just launched a language school with a friend in germany (business english) in a 600.000 people city.

    I need someone just for the offpage-SEO. The page is done with wordpress+SEO plugins and onpage it should be fine.

    I am going to provide the keywords; it's not really hard to figure out what people type in Google if they wanna book an english lesson ;)

    The goal is to rank at the top 3 spots (organic and/or in the sevenpack). The competition doesn't have many backlinks, but high DA and some PR.

    There are services around here in germany, but after checking the pages they optimized (obviously with some SEnuke-like software) they are highly overprized bullshitters. It's a startup, so the budget is tight until it starts rolling.

    More information via PN if you're interested. To keep the site high in the SERPs, we'd pay monthly of course.

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