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Need Someone To Edit Flash Video Code On WP Blog

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by bkstuy, May 6, 2009.

  1. bkstuy

    bkstuy Newbie

    Feb 2, 2009
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    I need someone, who can communicate in English to edit flash codes on a Wordpress adult blog.

    This is pretty straightforward, just don't have the time to do any more editing right now. There are about 250 blog posts left that need to be edited. Basically, you will be replacing the code used by SWF embed plugin [swf][/swf] with embedding by hard coding <object><embed></embed></object> . The code will be supplied, all you have to do is delete, copy and paste, ensuring that the url path and size of the video are the same.

    I have even made a video explaining everything step by step, so there is no room for errors.

    I need someone who can work fast. I run quite a few blogs, so if this goes well, there will always be more work. I had a couple of guys, but they have disappeared, so if you are interested in on-going work, please have a reliable internet connection. I understand there will be power outages every now and then in some places.

    PM, AIM (bknyblogdude) or email me with your name, country/timezone, contact info(email and IM), quote etc. Email is the same as AIM - at aol or gmail.

    I work on a few different computers, so I may not respond immediately, but I will respond.