Need someone to design a few wordpress sites and optimize for SEO


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Jan 4, 2010
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I need these Wordpress sites built.

1) write content at beginning (not too much)
2)design site
3) add plug-ins
4) optimize tags,titles, meta....etc.. for onsite SEO

Please give me a price per site and I will continue coming back for more.

How much content you need? Like how many articles?
Also, do you need totally unique design for the site? Or a personalized header will do the job?
Hi there mate, I have a few blogs on wordpress and I build sites to sell. I will sort out all the plugins needed to optimise for seo. (sitemap, permalinks etc etc.

I have reseller hosting too so I can host them for you too.

Send me a PM with a more detailed request and I will give you a price.

How much content do you need per site?
How many sites etc.

Also let me know your budget. I try not to let price be the deciding factor, I will do work up to whatever budget you have.


Also I will send you some links for blogs I have built
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