Need someone to create few memberships account using my referral links


Feb 19, 2010
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Hi there,

Not sure how this can be done.

I have few referral programs that give points for referring others to join the program as well. To join, only email address (and verification, of course) is required.

I need some one, who can do this by creating different email accounts, and join the program through my link, with each email to have different IPs. The IPs parts are very important.

Please lemme know how..
How are you willing to pay? and do I want it geo targeted?
To be honest I m not sure about the pay. In fact I m not sure if other people have ever done the same thing like this.

Perhaps you know what s the normal practise/pay for work like this?

Geotargeted means the location of the IPs? Is that what you mean? Well, a random location will make it looks more natural i think..
Ok I can do it for you . Is the mebership free or do you have to pay or use credit cards? How many signups do you want?

But I have to tell you in advance that I m still at the stage of researching the feasibility of doing this strategy.

I m planning to apply this strategy for JV GiveAway events that I want to join later. Are you familiar with that? The more people I refer to to join the JV give away events, the higher my product will be listed on their ranking, hence more exposure = traffic i will get.

I m not familiar with this proxy thingy, so I dont know how is the pricing will be based on. Is it per email/subscription? And how much is that..

Honestly, it s just a ,matter of referring emails with unique IPs, that s all..
and yes, joining the give away event is usually free, although there are always one time offer to upgrade but that is irrelevant for the purpose of this strategy
Ok great... Do you have skype or any other IM? Or give me your email Ill send you what I can do...
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