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    BEFORE READING THIS, GO ON GOOLE,WRITE DOWN "THEKNOWLEDGESTOP",click first result and choose one of the quizzes

    I hope people know about this site(a lot of affiliates & cpa networks have them)
    I need a bot for this site which has to do these commands.
    1) Eversave is a quiz site. On the first two pages where it asks questions, I need the bot to pick any random answer except when they ask gender, it needs to check female and when it asks birthday, it can be any date but from the year 1980-1986
    2) I need the bot to be able to skip the first offers eversave presents but stop at the part where it asks for your information to register at the site.
    3) After no.2 , it needs to say yes to the easy yes/no submit offers that come up after it but "no" or "skip this offer" to the other offers.

    There are lots of examples of these quizzes. If you write "theknowledgestop" on google and click the first result,choose any of the quizzes. Those are the examples.(I would've posted a link but I can't now)

    I can't use Imacro because the offers vary and the page number changes but the buttons remain the same.
    I hope you understood this and give me the price you were looking for.
    Interested? Add me on Yahoo or PM me

    YOU COULD USE GREASEMONKEY OR JAVASCRIPT..IDK(Sorry,a complete noob at this stuff)
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