Need someone to consistently send 1.4 million business bulk emails

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    Have 1.4 million email addresses for a single business niche market. Need to bulk email these addresses on a consistent basis.

    Do not want to use our IP address for fear of getting banned by our hosting service (or worse!!)

    Emails will be strictly informational in nature and not intended to sell any products or services. The intention is that the recipient will find the emails so interesting/informative/useful that they will click on our website link to explore and potentially follow our blog.

    Learning how to set this up and do it effectively is not the best use of my time. I would prefer to pay someone with proven expertise in "bulk email" who knows the insider secrets and will handle this ongoing task.

    Initially on a limited budget, but once your emailing is successful (i.e. you get the emails delivered to the recipients INBOX) I'll be able to reward you EXCEPTIONALLY well ... (If you're making me money, I'll be highly motivated to keep you very happy!!)

    Will also launch other types of large bulk email campaigns once you prove your expertise.

    Please send me a PM now and let's open a dialog to discuss how to make this a financially rewarding and viable opportunity for the both of us.
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    Good luck spammer!
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