Need someone to build GSA data pack for forex site. (experienced seo experts only)

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    I am in charge of managing a forex website which is currently on the 3rd page of google with the targeted keyword. I need someone to build a GSA data pack so that I can run the campaign on my server. I do not have much knowledge of GSA which is why I need help. I would like for this campaign to have a Tier setup as well. I DO NOT WANT MY SITE TO GET PENALIZED for link abuse. I will need someone to fill in all the necessary content, keywords etc. There are currently not too many links to this website however I had posted a backlink to every facebook, youtube and other social media post. Most of the backlinks are from social media sites only. I would like this data pack to be set in such a way that it gives the best result. I don't mind if the links are submitted slowly as long as the results are good eventually. I have the following...

    1. Private proxies
    2. Death By Captcha
    3. GSA Captcha Breaker
    4. Linklicious Site Indexer

    I would prefer that an experienced seo expert and gsa user build this for me. If your data packs are good and reliable, I will definitely buy more.