Need Someone For Cold Calling

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    Hey guys,

    I'm after a cold caller - I am targeting businesses in Melbourne, Australia so if you are located around that area it is a plus.

    You will be given a script, as well as made on commission (each time a sale is put through). Not much experience is required, selling skills, a positive attitude and some minor knowledge in SEO is.

    You will be paid on commission, the smallest being $100.

    This can be a $0 a day job, or a $1000 a day job depending on how well you can sell my service.

    Your job basically involves:
    - Cold calling the people I tell you to
    - Writing down details (whether they said no, might be interested, etc)
    - Getting the sale through and giving me the clients details

    Anyone interested, please PM me - include your IM details, AIM/Skype/MSN.

    As mentioned, if you are in Melbourne or somewhere around Australia that is a plus, you should have good English skills. I'd like to speak with you over Skype before starting the job to see whether you will be right for the job (in terms of how well you sell, your interest/energy level, etc).