NEED somebody who can tell me how to open free bank account for Electronic Transfers!

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    The title say all only people who know what they are doing need to reply...
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    LOL, the titles says a shit.
    Anyway if I understood it right, because you were to busy to explain more about your problem I think that you should go directly to your bank and tell them that you want to open a new account that will allow your funds to be used even online. (Here in my country they are called Credit Cards or Debit Cards)
    If you already have an account go to your bank and tell them that you want to update your account to use it online...
    If none of this was what you was searching for then still go to your bank account and see what options they give to you, every country and every bank have different regulations and rules.
    Banks here where I live are offering a service where I can see and use my bank accounts for everything, online, just send funds bank to bank, I can send funds even worldwide, but this options it costs more to you monthly...
    Next time explain yourself if you want people to answer to your questions
    Electronic transfers is a very broad word