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    Okay, so I am pretty sure this is the right place to post this, if it is not, I shall take my beating quietly lol... anyway...

    I am a college student who doesn't have a whole lot of time and... I have a little money... I dont know how to build a wesbsite - My experience with computers is basically at - emailing... surfing the web... eh... thats pretty much it... I have no idea how to program, I see people posting on BHW about making scripts and iframes - I have no idea what those even are to be honest.

    so, now on to what I need - I need a website built - just a simple professional looking website I can submit to CPA networks when I apply, and this is literally the only website I will use in all my applications so I want it to look good and I plan on telling the CPA networks I just made a generic website to submit to the network, but I build others to fit the offers I am promoting...

    I have been told this is very simple, and to use wordpress, but, I honestly dont have a whole lot of time to learn how to use it, and learning it would take a while with my current comupter knowledge.

    so, with that said, I don't know how much a job like this would cost but... like I said - I was told it is pretty simple... I have a little bit of cash to throw around and I am thinking it will be a wise investment to outsource this job, so feel free to PM me with a quote, and maybe an example of what you did/what you can do

    Thanks BHW,
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    I have done several mini sites for members to get them qualified for CPA's. If your still in need shoot me a pm with your messengers and we can discuss this more.