Need some SEO advice for low competition keywords

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by obeselizard, May 6, 2012.

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    I have been learning about SEO over the past year and a half, and have learned so much (mostly from this site), but have not had much success ranking sites for keywords, with the exception of a couple micro niche informational sites (which basically make me no money :( ). Since I don't consider myself all that great at SEO, my strategy of course has been to find very specific niches/keywords to rank for (usually 500-1,200 monthly searches), that have almost no competition, but at the same time not huge amounts of traffic. I know this is a general strategy many follow, but also in my case I look for keywords/topics that has many subtopics that all have no competition and the collective traffic on them really ads up. And it seems like ranking for these keywords should be a piece of cake even for a SEO novice like me, but no. I have followed and read so many different strategies for ranking, and whenever I start to rank for another keyword, I never know how to go about it, because the last keyword showed no success, so now do I follow that again praying in weeks time it will work or try another way?

    Basically I'm here to ask for some advice on what is the best way to rank for a very specific, very low competition keyword? Because I'm beginning to wonder if I'm over thinking it, or just wasting my time in the wrong areas. Like are there certain back links I should aim to get first for this keyword scenario? or that might benefit me the most? or easy back links to get that work best for this?
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    You're spending too much time reading. I know people who crank out one micro niche site every day and do seo on each of them. In the micro niche game you're going to have failures, welcome them.

    Just do something slightly different on each site to find out what works... one site focusing on high pr blog comments, one site focusing on wiki and bookmarks, etc.