Need some numbers about IM quickly.

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    Hi guys

    I am looking for some quick numbers. Lets assume that there is a website that can create millions, even ten millions of UVs a day at the same time earning from different ads, for example ******, adsense etc. Also it would be able to get similar attention in all major social networks/channels: Youtube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

    1) Which would be the best ad services to use, highest CPV, cost per unique view, for example ****** is up to 4 dollars per thousand unique views. Which service pays the most for 1000 views? Which services are can be used together. Lets say ****** takes the viewer to the website from social network, and after that on the website there is the Google Ad program, do I get a UV to both of these services?

    2) Which services/channels/sites have upper limit for daily/monthly payout for example lets say a site has a 100 000 dollar upper limit for monthly payout, although by the amount of UVs the payout should be 1 000 000 dollars. So because of the upper limit, the user would lose 900k.

    Sorry, if I mixed up some terms or something, especially with the adsense, I am not very familiar with that one yet. Although I hope you got the main point of my questions, tried to illustrate as well as my current knowledge allows.
    I am just interested the numbers. I know I could probably search these out, but need them ASAP, so I decided to ask from someone who would already know about these:)

    Thank You