need some more info about CPA networks

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jameswester, Jan 1, 2009.

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    i am noob i need this info.

    1)i have never used any ppc but i need to know how ppc what you do with adwords.just signup and then bid on keywords?

    2)I have read their are offers of 1$ etc submits.Are these converted completely like if 100 ppl join and thousand people visited then you get 100 $ or is their some sort of performance based scale?

    3)After joining/approval do these companies keep strict track of their affiliates.If you are not making money then are they going to cancell your account?

    regards & thanx inadvance!
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    1) sign up, build a landing page, bid keywords and then test, test, test... well, there is a lot more going on, maybe you can get a good guide to get you started

    2) you get credited for every person doing the offer... different offers have different criteria... some will pay you after page 1 completion, some will pay you only after the subsequent pages are completed.... as long as it is not duplicates info, you get paid.... sometime network will shave your profit for whatever reason or no reason at all...

    3) some will, some won't....

    The best way is to just jump into doing it after you have the basic knowledge because you will learn more and at a faster speed that way.

    Good luck!