Need some marketing person who can sell our service


Feb 3, 2014
Hi we need a very good marketing person who can sell our website design and seo services, and for each sale you will get 20% !! So just join in the board, if you want to earn in easy way you can ping me up

add me on skype: Pradyutchy
You should look into opening a thread in the marketplace.
Just to confirm, the payment is on a commission basis only?
There's no base pay?
20 % LOL good luck with finding someone to promote your stuff.
What's the 20% coming from? $20? or $2,000? 20% of nothing is.... nothing. it would help if you told us more. :) just saying. I'm an excellent marketer and ... well... you get it! 20% or what? lol
I will give 20% from total amount not from profit. I think Now I can make this clear. And I can give maximum 25% commission on each sale not more than that.
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