Need some kind of YouTube bot (AUTOPILOT $$$$ OPPORTUNITY!)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by dylantherabbit, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Hello, I'd love it if I could either find some helpful free bots or for someone to code one for me, lemme know if you can develop one.


    I lost tons of $$$ trying to make money before with no success and now I basically have no money so... I won't guarantee any dollar amount on this one, rather a percentage of the money I make from your tools. I'd use them combined with some proxy lists (which it would be good to help me get those) and sell YouTube views using your bots, meaning you don't have to do much work while I list it up on some sites and give people views while you basically get a percentage we can negotiate on later - on autopilot. Sweet, huh? As long as it WORKS and I don't get bad reviews, you'll be okay. I'd like it if we could find a video for me to test it on and double-check after it's done..

    Note: Mods, this has nothing to do with my previous thread because there I was asking for pre-coded stuff, here I'm asking for a coder to make a custom one. Please do not say 'multiple threads on the same topic is spam' because although you could say they both have to do with youtube bots, this has to do with a CUSTOM one while the last was more having to do with pre-made bots and most thought I already had one with me due to the bad wording of the thread which I can't change due to not being able to edit a post more than an hour after I make it. Please don't remove this thread because I'm starting to hate this about the site. I can't ask developers to make bots for me all because I made something about YouTube view bots before. Please understand I am a real human being looking to help boost demand for users on this site. Thanks
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    So you want someone to spend hours cresting a bot for you and help you get proxies for the CHANCE of getting a %.

    You do realize that you need thousands of proxies to get a good amount of income, since 1k HQ views go for around $1-3.

    1k HQ proxies along would cost several $xxx/month, so you would have to deliver xxx,xxx views a month to break even.

    Try doing some newbie methods on here and pay for a bot instead of begging for a coder to code you a bot for free.

    Close to no one would do this, dream on
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    You sound so much like a noobie... This youtube thing is an old idea... isn't it?

    But anyway, I can help you if you have some good ideas.... Ping me on skype : coderbadass ....