Need some info! And need dropshipper(s) I'm not a noob who asks for the goldmine;)

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    Hello guys,

    I'm already being in two minds for a few days now! I was doubting to start this thread! Why?

    I was scared for some negative answers on my question from members who get angry when i ask them!
    But here it is and I hope I get some good answers!

    I redt some threads about dropshipping and found this very intersting because of the fact you don't need any knowledge about programming or any other creepy computer languages!

    Now I'm looking for sites where you can make an order and it will be send to the chosen address. For personal testing first and then later for any possible customers!
    If you own such a site or know some good sites please tell it to me! THEY NEED TO BE LEGIT!
    I tried some douchebag site ones and got scamed right away, 2 weeks later the site was offline:(


    The things I'm interested in at this moment:

    Dr. Dre Beats (Fake or real products)
    Nike Airmax 1/87(Is the same) (Fake or real products)
    Nike dunk (SB) (Fake or real products)
    Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski (Real Products)
    Any caps (Real Products
    Watches (Real products)
    Ipads (Real products)

    Any other products are always welcome maybe I'll find some interesting things!

    This is it for now! Cause I'm not very familiar with this business I need some information to focus on and then learn the whole process!
    I hope you want to answer my thread with useful things and no angry or weird posts!