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    Feb 10, 2008
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    My isp is wireless broad band its a small company, i live in the middle of no where there is no dsl or cable. I have been getting banned by my web hosts every time i up date my pages they tell me that i am making thousands of active connections to them. I have brought this up to my isp but they dont seem to give a shit or are to stupid to figure out what is going on.

    Any one have any idea what might be causing so many connections? It is not my computer, i can go to a friends house and not have these problems. but driving 30 miles every time i want to update my sites could get costly really quick

    Im so pissed off right now i feel like throwing my lap top against the wall and just saying fuck it. I had to call my hosts at least 7 times today because their firewall kept blocking me.

    Is there any where i can connect to that will actually let me see how many connections are being made and log it so i can take the log and show my isp?
    When i run a netstat i only show a few active connections so im guessing the problem is between them an qwest who is supplying the broadband to them.