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Need some guidance with 301 redirect

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nonai, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. nonai

    nonai Power Member

    Oct 10, 2013
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    I am having such a bad day today because I can't make this decision. I can't come up what would look "most natural"

    Florist is not my niche, I am just using that as an example.

    A long time ago, I bought an EMD and made a site floristNewYork
    I built maybe 2 backlinks to it just to get it indexed. The site is 100% functional and it has a lot of pages.

    Now a long time later, I have a client that wants me to get his brand new site BrandNewSite ranked. I don't want to build backlinks directly to his site, because after he gets ranked, he can fire me. So I want to build backlinks to my own site, and then do a 301. This way, if he fires me, I can just turn off the 301.

    Here is where it gets complicated. I want to have a site of my own, floristSanDiego but I don't want to spend time/resources making the site again. So I am thinking I could take the content from floristNewYork and upload it to floristSanDiego (I would just open my site in notepad and find/replace every New York with San Diego)

    I am frustrated because I don't know the correct timing here. Should I delete everything from floristNewYork first and then upload it to floristSanDiego to avoid a duplicate content penalty? Once I delete the content from floristNewYork, what should I replace it with? Just a stupid one page blog? When should I 301 redirect my site to the client's site?

    Can you just tell me the order of steps? What should happen first, what step should happen second, etc?

    If the above is too complicated, I will summarize:
    I want to 301 redirect an existing site of mine to a client's site so he cannot fire me.
    I want to take the content of my site and create another site with it, and avoid duplicate issues.
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  2. IamBlackhatter

    IamBlackhatter Elite Member

    Feb 26, 2011
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    Software Developer
    If contents on floristNewYork are already indexed in google then there might be copyscape problem.And 301 redirect to your client site will get him traffic but no rankings because its your domain which gets the link juice.Also if you wish to move the same files to another domain you can try redirecting to the new domain after moving all files from floristNewYork to floristSanDiego but set a canonical url to avoid duplicates.
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