Need some good advice. Trying to get money out of payal instant.

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    *sigh* I have been trying hard to get a VCC that I can load from paypal and use with Western union but it just isn't happening...and I've already spent alot on fees (for nothing). ParulMehta charges me $75 to by a VCC and load it with a no refund guarantee...did not work with WU. The guy hours before that took $300 and ran (I am praying he comes online and just wen to sleep). And the money is going quick.

    Western Union Said "Transaction not completed at the very last step..... If I don't get money today I A) cant get my car which will be impounded B) cant got to doctors. Needless to say I need a few hundred bucks in my hand today. Someone please help me here, if someone very trustworthy can spot me the money Ill pay interest. I can't loose my car, I am slipping away over such little things, I wish it didnt take so long to transfer money to bank account.