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    Found this on another forum, checked it out and joined. Great Idea

    "Cut and Paste"
    Once in a while I get to hear of something new and exciting website before it launches publicly. Today is such a day.

    If you keep up with what's happening on the Net, you'll know that the best way of getting traffic to your links is by using Web 2.0 (that's means harnessing the massive power of the social networking sites).

    So, today, a new "Back-link" credit-driven intelligence engine coupled to a cascading tag-based web directory is paying 500 promotional dollars for all new referrals for next 12 hours.

    What exactly does this mean?

    It means that Qassia has the power to change your life.

    At Qassia, you can add your websites for free, and without having to add reciprocal backlinks. You'll get unlimited quality backlinks (as opposed to "no-follow" backlinks).

    You can also add intel. Short for "intelligence", intel is a tidbit of information. Qassia rewards users who add intel in three ways...

    Backlinks - You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add. Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your sites. So the more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.

    Credit - When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. Your net worth in Qassia dollars determines how well your websites rank in the directory.

    Revenue - When your intel is displayed, you get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page. That is not a typo, by the way: they give you ALL of the gross ad revenue.

    This means that website owners have triple incentive to contribute intel. The contributed intel will allow Qassia to become a vast repository of intelligence, with unrivaled original content. And a vast amount of original content draws traffic like honey draws ants.

    Qassia is currently in closed beta. That means you can sign up (totally free) and view intel ONLY if you are referred by someone who is already a member (like me!).

    The search function is not yet available to the general public. But will be available in just a few days, so the time to get involved is NOW.

    *** What can I do at Qassia?

    You can add your website(s), and get unlimited quality backlinks. There is no need to pay, or to link back to Qassia. Websites are processed instantly and ranked by the amount of credits you have amassed. To earn credits, you can add intel, i.e. small tidbits of intelligence about absolutely anything that interests you.

    *** Why is Qassia needed?

    Promoting a new site has never been easy, and it's getting tougher every day. Site owners are forced to spend hours upon hours doing mundane and unproductive tasks such as exchanging links.

    Many give up and splurge out on advertising - which is why Google Adwords earns its owners $1 billion per quarter.

    *** How will Qassia generate traffic?

    At Qassia, you will get credit for adding your intel. The more credit you get, the better your sites will rank.

    This provides incentive for site owners to contribute information (on ANY subject) to Qassia, thus harnessing the minds of others.

    Qassia is currently free to sign up, no catches, no one time offers etc. While it's in beta (right NOW, today) it's free to join.

    Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank.

    And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add - only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks.

    Last but not least, Qassia also has the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet, so in effect you get paid for promoting your websites.

    Qassia rocks!

    The more people join Qassia, the more everyone will benefit, so give Qassia a spin. Signing up takes less than a minute, so you've got nothing to lose.

    You want traffic to your web site or affiliate link? Get involved NOW at Qassia.

    At the VERY LEAST, get registered before they start charging.

    Go NOW before everyone else gets there... it will 'cost' you just a couple of minutes of your time... Nothing else.

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    Yesterday I joined this site because I think this could be better than

    Help me and become my refferal clicking on this link:

    Join me in Qassia
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    None of your damn business
    Knock of these threads guys.

    This is just bullshit to get you guys referalls. As soon as the mods see it they'll probably just delete it because this subject already has other threads.
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    Well so much for a first post. This has been discussed before and it only takes one person to refer another, someone has already.
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    Damn how many more of these fucking Qassia threads are going to be pos6ted, we already know about Qassia so fuck of.

    (sorry but i am highly annoyed with Qassia threads)