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Need some artwork done - details inside

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by jimbobo2779, Dec 27, 2013.

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    I have now found someone to do this so please do not send any PMs requesting further information.

    Thanks to all that got in touch


    Hey guys, I need some art work done for a new product that I am releasing soon and need it pretty much ASAP. I don't mind working with multiple people if needed but would refer someone that was able to provide all pieces.

    What is need is:
    Box art
    Splash Screen

    I will consider anyone that can provide previous work but if you are a new member or have little history on this forum I will only do payment on completion of work, I have dealt with hundreds of people on this forum and have a good standing as a seller and buyer on here. If you are a reputable member I am willing to bend on this somewhat if absolutely necessary.

    I will need the previous work examples though and won't consider anyone that is not willing or able to provide this, it needn't be examples of all of what I require but would prefer more examples than fewer.

    The deadline is before the end of the year with the earlier being better. I am willing for you guys to set your price but be realistic as I may not reply to your PM if I feel the price is not realistic.

    If the work is good I may consider more work in the future as I plan to have another product out sometime in January and other bits of design work for some of my current products and websites.

    Please PM your price and links to past work and I will provide further information to anyone that I want to work with.

    I look forward to your responses guys. I will post here when I have accepted someones offer.

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