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    Hi all,

    Im focusing must of my work on Search Engine Optimization for 1 keyword that i think have a medium-hard competition.60,000+ monthly searches. 900,000 organic result without "".

    Im working on it something like 2-3 weeks, yahoo is saying that i have 550 BLD. Google Page Ranking 0, 70 pages indexed. and its not an autoblog. must of the time im using scrapebox to post me links.
    the first place in this keyword have Google Page Ranking 5, 10 years old domain, 1500-+ BLD.
    no. 10 have Google Page Ranking 0 , 300 BLD, 30 pages indexed.
    what are my problems?

    To this date my rank is:

    yahoo,co,uk - 17-34 - its jumps every day! (why???:()
    yahoo,com - 72
    google,com - 179
    bing,com - 67 - only this week i got indexed
    bing uk - 57 - only this week got indexed..

    3 week have been passed already and im not close to the first page. what i need to do next?
    any ideas? tips? advices? ebook? software? i will try everything!

    another thing, beacuse of google update , my tracking software (MS and Rank tracking) are not working well. do you know any good software that can track you position in SERPs with the new google update?

    1 less thing, im using senuke for social bookmarking. but i dont thing it the best proggy for that. i heared things on bookmarking demon, social bot, etc. any recommendation? :)
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    I see you mention nothing about your on page work. Try the SenSEO plugin for firefox/firebug.