Need some advice - short for cash

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    I dont want to bore anyone with a long story, so ill keep it short.

    Basically I live with my girlfriend and two kids. She does not work, I have a 9-5 to support everyone. I do bring in little revenue from IMing, but its been hit or miss lately and im looking for her to get out and get a job. Its been rough lately and we are slowing going into debt.

    An idea I have is for her to do webcam strip shows (like that myfreewebcam . com place). I think she would be ok doing it since she did strip at a club before. I just dont know how comfortable I would be with her shoving a dildo up her ass infront of 50 guys. But at least she could be home during the day with the kids and do this at night.

    Is this something that anyone else would let their girlfriend do? Can it bring in at least 150$ + a day? Is it possible that she can make money off these sites if she doesnt do live phone sex and use dildos?
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    You teach me how to set it up bro because i would let my girl do it no probs money is short were we are any tips on how to set it up would be grateful received.

    Go for it man.