Need some advice on starting an autoblog network!


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Sep 14, 2008
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Hey guys,

I've been planning on starting a blog network of autoblogs to add up a little more to my income. I was thinking 50-100 blogs to start with.

I'm not really sure but I'm probably gonna monetize them with adsense. Also I'm getting .info's, it'll cost a lot less :p

Do I need dedicated servers or something like that? How much would it cost to start with?

Well I guess you dont need a dedicated server for this.
You can buy a hosting account which allows unlimited domain hosting.
Make sure you find a recognized hosting company like hostgator, dreamhost etc.
Any well known host would have php, mysql and cronjob enabled that should be good enough to run auto blogs. For the auto blogging plugin, you can either choose paid ones (wp robot) or free ones (feedwordpress, wp o matic).
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