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    Hello BHW,

    I have been working in SEO industry for 4+ years and all these years I've learnt a lot about SEO, SERP, link building and all stuffs.
    Since I am learning about SEM (PPC advertisement, Linkedin Advertisement, Youtube Advertisement, Facebook Advertisement). I know I am still learning new stuffs about SEM and want to move to other company with improved designation as Internet Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager etc. I am currently living in Pune, India and I know here I have many opportunities with SEO and SEM skills.

    I have total 4 years of experience in SEO and having good knowledge of SEM as mentioned above.
    Sorry.. I don't know whether it is right forum section to post this thread.

    So, what you think would be a good salary for me if I join another company for SEM Specialist in Pune.
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    The differences in salary and cost of living are big between the U.S. and India but I can give you some figures for the U.S. and maybe that will give you a guide to work with. A digital marketer here (depending on the region, industry and experience) can make anywhere from 40-70K. I think that job field has not yet been fully defined and there could be a lot of other duties in some companies.

    Maybe you can find an idea here,,29.htm

    Hope that helps,

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