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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Banksey, May 30, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been browsing BHW for sometime now and have tried things here and there which haven't turned over anything but it was fun giving it a try and got some good experience from it.

    Anyway, I had a eureka moment today that just hit me, I'm not gonna reveal any specifics, but it involves me taking orders for a product at a set price and then ordering the product from a site I know that has cheaper prices and having them deliver it to the end user. Not sure if there's a name for that or whatever but basically the jist is buy low sell high.

    Now I know that's not always a great plan, but it'll work for the product, I'm not worried about that :D

    What I am worried about, are paypal payments being recalled. I've dabbled in this as the end user before and have heard time and time again about this guy scamming that guy and all that jazz.

    See the goods I am selling are intangible, purely virtual.

    So I am looking for a way so my customers cannot recall the payment. Now I know there are no payments that cannot be disputed, but from past experience buyer argues the goods are intangible they win.

    I just need a way to ensure that if a payment is disputed, I can ensure I would win. What kinda documents or emails or anything would I need to send to achieve this?
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    This is called arbitrage, by the way.

    I would suggest starting out small, keeping all documentation as possible and testing it out.

    What else can we suggest? You can try it and you may, or may not be successful, or not try it at all and you will never know.
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    Yeah as Chronos says it's called arbitrage. There have been a lot of fortunes made by people doing just that. It's a fairly common practice for ebay sellers.

    Do a search on arbitrage and you'll find a lot of threads discussing it. You should do the search on google as well.

    This also brings to mind a small bit of trivia:
    The original Ponzi Scheme was based on an arbitrage opportunity.

    Around 1918 Charles Ponzi discovered he could buy postal reply coupons in Italy at a discount rate and then redeem them for higher value postage stamps in the US. The arbitrage was actually possible, but just couldn't be scaled up. Ponzi instead used the postage stamp arbitrage idea to sucker people into his pyramid scam in the 1920s. While the pyramid scheme promoted that his company was doing the stamp arbitrage, in fact he didn't even bother with it. He just paid the existing members profits with the money invested by newer members. He was so successful at perpetrating the scam that it has carried his name since.

    While it carries Ponzi's name, Bernie Madoff actually has the distinction of using the scheme to commit the largest financial investor fraud in history. It wouldn't surprise me if the term changes to a Madoff Scheme in the future.

    You'll thank me for that bit of info if you end up on Jeapardy someday. LOL
    Wolf :cool:
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    I would suggest starting out small, keeping all documentation as possible and show them when they ask.