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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by NikhilG, Nov 11, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I have been there too long. Nearly 6 months, I have wasted hunting for ways to make money online. And, all I come up with is a blog: (which inspite being a pathetic attempt at MMO blogs) earns a mere 1$ per day on average.

    I am NOT asking someone to guide me to make 100$ a day. But, atleast expecting 5-10$ a day is not a big deal. I hope many of you are easily earning this amount from a single blog.

    I have grasped a healthy amount of posts from BHW. But, what I really want is someone who can spoon-feed me the way to make 10$ a day.
    I am ready to do some hard work. I understand money comes from work. And, that guidance costs something. So, I am ready to return favours, if anything I can help with.

    Please do NOT just suggest a method, saying try this out. I want some GENUINE guidance.

    And, yeah it would be a great thing if someone can help me with STEP-by-STEP method of running wordpress autoblogs, and building backlinks.

    Also, can someone please review the adsense placement on
    and, can someone tell me of a decent Image Hosting Affiliate program???
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    no one here to geuinely help a noob???