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Need some advice from experienced IMers

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by clark123, May 12, 2013.

  1. clark123

    clark123 Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2012
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    Thanks for taking your precious time to read my post . I wanted to hear your advice on decision which I am going to make for this summer. Its about "Internship" VS "IM".

    After thinking for years and years, I have finally got the guts to invest time and money to learn about IM to make money. I was thinking to take it really seriously and really put my heart into it.

    At the same time I happen to know a business owner and he is running pretty big company overseas where his company helps other company to analyze the company's brand image in online world by using analytic software, trends, indexes etc. Basically looking at Google ranking, social media feeds and comments, views, likes etc. I think its almost like doing research on your niche.

    I will be graduating from college and optimistic about getting into university as well. During these 2 years of college, I did a part-time job and saved some cash for university. Now, I have some extra cash and time in summer break where I can either invest it on IM or on overseas internship. I can't choose both because although money is one factor to consider but another factor would be time. I would like to focus on one thing at a time to get the best quality out of my effort and time.

    Therefore, I am really having hard time choosing between "Internship" or "IM", so wanted to hear from the third person's point of view. Please post your thoughts here and thanks in advance.
  2. Black.Star

    Black.Star Junior Member

    Oct 4, 2011
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    IT security specialist
    I think it depends on what kind of experience and knowledge you already have.
    Full time IM is not a joke and you should be ready to put alot of work, tears and blood into your work in the beginning.
    If you are new to IM or if you didnt really had any success with your own projects before I would recommend you to go with the internship.
    Especially when you consider the fact that this could be highly relevant for starting something on your own later in your life.
    If you are smart about it you can easily turn the knowledge you will gain during the internship into alot of cash after or during the internship with something IM related.

    This is definitely a service you can market to big companies and a having special knowledge like this will come in handy later in your life.
    Just do a little bit of IM besides the internship and when you are done just expand this time if you experience any kind of success with it.
    You should have experience in the field before you go all-in with working fulltime on your own projects.

    This is my opinion as someone who had quite a bit of "online success" already and is still going to school.
    However I often worked until 4-5 am in the morning while still going to school in the morning at 7 am. It´s not for the weak and I just kept expanding the time I invested into it.
    This is what you should do aswell.

    (Edit: I am not a native speaker so please excuse my bad english misstakes)
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  3. clark123

    clark123 Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2012
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    Hi Black.Star,

    Thanks! for your thoughtful post. You are defiantly right on spot when you said "depend on what kid of experience and knowledge I already have". I have basic website building and promoting knowledge. Back in days when youtube was just starting, I was one of the top subscribed channel and got lots of traffic to my forum and then got banned because of copyright issues. Since then I stopped because I didn't wanted to get sued.

    The knowledge I am lack of is monetizing the website, Internet Marketing and how people are actually making banks with CPA, PPR, PPD etc. I am confidence with the help of search bottom in BHW and massive action, I can gain those knowledge. I took marketing subject in college seriously and got basic knowledge on creating value hopefully its a added point when I start learning about IM.

    I understand the time and effort successful IMers had invested is not a joke at all and I really admire those kind of people. I am willing to go through these pain well because it is still better than construction work or begging in the street.

    Thanks for your post and it made my plan for this summer more clear. Lets see whats others have to say as well. My only concern now is whether the internship will allow me to smell their success or not.

    Have anyone of you joined any sorts of internship and turned out its completely different than you expected. The current company I am working for, they have internship for law graduates and jobs they do is Staple and photocopy -.-".

    (P.S. I am not native English speaker as well and your English is way better compared to mine. I started learning English in grade 4 :) )