Need site audit / check - what am I doing wrong..?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Kcid Yssup, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hello BHW,

    As you can see this is my first OP, I hope I can give value later when I get some exp.
    I'd like to ask tough (well, tough for me) question right of the bat if I may.

    During last few years and up until yesterday I have read inspiring threads where ppl say they found some KWs, set up site, throw some articles and voila - they earn more than ten bucks weekly without any off-page.

    I tried to do that so many times! I find KWs with traffic potential, check comp, set up site, write good 2000-3000 words articles, optimize them for on-page. Then wait... and wait... and wait... jesus, just nothing!!! Not even a two visitors a day!

    I know some will answer "build links". But how about those many who say they start seeing some traffic right from the very first days? What's wrong with my sites?

    Can you look at my site and say where did I miss?

    Probably I can't PM you my URL yet so I would appreciate if you throw your email/skype in PM, I won't spam you, I promiss.

    Again, thanks a lot beforehands to anyone who decides to help, any kind of input is appreciated.
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    Exactly what you said yourself. You have to build links to your website to let it rank higher up in google. If your website is not indexed on google, try using google web masters tool. To check if your website is indexed in google do site: .
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    As Aquatic said, unless you have ridiculously low competition you aren't going to get much traffic sitting on page 2 or deeper. You will need to build links to push your site onto the first page. Aim for top 3 as that where most of the traffic is going to come from.

    Build links on Web 2.0 (with 100% unique content) - 1 link per Web 2.0 and make each over 300 words.
    Build links to the top article directories - Ezine, GoArticles
    Submit to the bigger web directories

    Try to diversify your anchor text with branded anchors as well as 'click here' etc.