~~~ Need Simple Twitter Bot with 2 Functions! Scrape + Tweet. Who can help? ~~~

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    Hi, I am looking for a twitter bot with these 2 functions -

    1. scraping twitter user IDs who are Following specific company. For example, I want to scrape all the Twitter User Ids (197k) who follow this page: https://twitter.com/BWWings and have the IDs saved to a text file.

    2. Then I want to tweet at those specific user IDs 1 time.

    The easiest way to do it is to scrape IDs into the text file, then tweet specific User Ids from text file. When User ID is tweeted, then that user ID gets erased from text file. This way we dont tweet the same user 2 times.

    If someone can develop this simple bot let me know. I want it to be able to scrape any page obviously. Also, it would be nice if it was multi-threaded so it could complete the job faster.