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    I know Sick Submitter is not only used for social bookmarks.. I'm really curious on three primary features that it has and how it triumphs over tools which primarily have one feature alone.

    For those who have much experience in using different backlinking tools, kindly answer the following (the selections are limited to my knowledge on using tools):

    1. Forum Profile Submitter - SS vs Xrummer

    2. Bookmark Submitter - SS vs Bookmarking Demon

    3. Directory Submitter - SS vs ???
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    1. Xrumer wins because it works much better with bigger url list especially when you're blasting. Sick is just average in terms of speed when you're blasting profile links. Unless you're doing high pr low-medium quantity blast then Sick is definitely the better option in terms of price.

    2. BMD definitely. Like every other submitter that sick has, the main problem of this tool is that you can only submit 1 type of website at a time. Let's say Pligg, you can only submit to Pligg websites. For PHPDug (another bookmarking platform), you need to create another list and run it separately from the Pligg websites. You cant just plug in all your bookmarking list and run it. You need to separate it out into their categories and run them.

    3. No comment.

    As stated in #2, that's the biggest disadvantage I can see for Sick. But in terms of platform diversity, Sick wins. It even beats AMR in article submitting and not alot of people know that ;)
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    Yes you can, you can "combine" lists and run them together. After you've created your lists of phpDugg, pligg and scuttle websites and managed to sort out the working ones vs not-working, you can combine all 3 into one list and run it once. This functionality is called "merge packets" and is available in Sick Submitter 3 (not the Beta 4) in Sick Builder, under File -> Merge Packets
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