need 'seo guy' in south of the UK

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    bit of a long shot asking on here with everyone being all round the world but looking for someone to work 'in house' in the UK, don't want to say exactly where on here but its within a hour of Southampton.

    Jobs that need doing:
    I have a few affiliate sites making $200-1000 each, I've not paid much attention to these recently, want to improve the on page seo and check any keywords that are on the first/second page that can be bumped up to increase the revenue a little and sell them all.

    Business one sells e cigs, has a 200 site pbn pointed at it, need you to find me VA's to manage that and then I want all of the pbns removed and pointed to secondary websites instead.
    Then work on outreach, lots of hobby blogs in the niche so outreach is normally just sending them a product for free. I have a uni student working part time who writes all my content also so you'd be working with them.

    business 2 is service based, there aren't really many keywords to rank so its all outreach or paying for guest posts and getting people signed up to my affiliate program. Then I've just started spending quite a bit on fb ads aswell,need this set up better, service costs $2000 per month so its hard to measure roi and I'm terrible with setting them up(I'm a dyslexic fuk)

    Not interested in seeing CVs, just send a message with why you think you'd be good at it and what you've been doing recently and I can give you a weeks trial or something

    35 hours a week,5 weeks holiday,£2500 a month to start with. Will make it commission based also after a couple of months
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